Mar 12, 2024

Connected Future: Our 10th Vista Conference

Our United Group Conference

A Connected Future. Those were the words that guided us as we put together the 10th Vista Group Conference; not only our first conference since 2019, but our first as a unified Group. We see a future where the cinema industry is connected, through technology and real human connection.

In 2023, we underwent a significant transformation, uniting our brands as a group so that we can develop more integrated solutions and help to bring together all parts of the cinema industry from filmmakers and distributors to exhibitors and moviegoers.

From the 12th-15th of February in Auckland, New Zealand, we were thrilled to host many of our exhibition clients, coming together to connect and unveiling many of our recent and upcoming developments. We look to a connected future where cinema brings us all together to experience the magic of movies.

The Cloud Journey

One of the most significant evolutions in recent years for Vista Group has been the advent of Vista Cloud. The next generation of Vista for exhibitors, reassuringly familiar and radically superior, Vista Cloud propels exhibitors into the future.

We have evolved the pathways of the journey to Cloud, based on the needs and ideas of exhibitors, to provide a journey that works at each client’s path and pace. This new approach uses progressive capabilities driven by your business priorities, so you can begin your journey at your preferred path and pace with Data Empowerment, Digital Enablement, Moviegoer Engagement, or Operational Excellence, based on what best suits your business goals.

The new journey to Cloud saw welcome reception, and we are excited to showcase more about the journey at other upcoming industry events, including at CinemaCon in April.

The Moviegoer of Tomorrow

Alongside new details of Vista products and our development roadmap into the future, the Vista Group Conference was a fantastic place for us to bring together expertise from across our industry and beyond for some incredibly insightful panels.

As the conference began, we kicked things off with an excellent panel of experts—each of whom has lent their expertise to the Behind the Screens podcast before—to discuss The Moviegoer of Tomorrow, examining the trends and expectations around moviegoers, and how those highlight new opportunities.

Building the future of cinema software

Across the conference, we showcased the ways in which Vista Group has united to draw on decades worth of cinema expertise to deliver better software for the industry. From the innovation of our Oneview app bringing together Vista, Movio, and Numero data to empower senior exhibition leadership, to the ways you can maximise Vista Cloud’s impact on your business, the days were packed with insightful discussion. We looked to all aspects of the future of cinema software, covering cutting-edge technology and developments from AI to Premiumisation.

We were excited by the feedback and responses we heard, just as we are deeply excited by the future of the cinema industry. Working with exhibition clients is how we ensure we’re building the best future for cinema software. With food & beverage innovation particularly, we have been driven by the growing trends of dine-in cinema to craft the best F&B to suit the cinema world.

Celebrating our 10th Conference

This year's Vista Group Conference marked a number of milestones. It was the 10th iteration of the Vista Conference, and the first return since 2019—making it an opportunity we had been incredibly excited for—as well as our first conference as a united Vista Group. What made celebrating these milestones all the more rewarding was doing so alongside clients who have been with us for so much of the journey. At the event, we celebrated the tenure of some of our longest-running clients, friends who have been with us for more than 10—and in some cases more than 20—years!

For one last ten-year milestone, we marked the 10-year anniversary of Numero’s beginning in reporting Australian box office. Numero now delivers box office and admissions results for 36 territories around the world, with additional analytical and comparison features for Pre-Sales, and insightful mobile apps that deliver results across all formats.

Looking to a Connected Future

Much as streaming can't hold a candle to the true theatrical experience, there is nothing quite like coming together in person to look towards the future of the cinema industry. There are so many new opportunities to discover that support the theatrical experience and empower moviegoers. The return of the Vista Group Conference was a wonderful and special way to bring our clients and partners together in Aotearoa as we look to building a connected future that empowers the cinema industry.

With more to explore, and new developments such as the Journey to Cloud, we have plenty more to continue showcasing at industry events throughout the year, and we look forward to seeing you there.

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