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Vista Group is the global leader in delivering software and data analytics solutions to the film industry via our core group of brands. Our love for cinema and film drives the purpose and foundations that generate innovation for our customers.

Vista - Leading cinema software

About Vista

Vista Cinema is the world leader in cinema management software and digital solutions for large cinema circuits. Founded in Auckland in 1996, Vista’s growth has led to installations in more than 100 countries and an estimated 51% global market share of the large cinema circuit outside of China. Vista empowers a world of cinema through innovation, collaboration, and an unwavering passion to support the industry we love.

People at Vista - We love cinema
Vista Digital - The future of cinema management

The future of cinema management

In 2021 Vista introduced its new SaaS offerings: Vista Cloud, a comprehensive, reliable, and secure cinema management solution, fully hosted and managed by Vista. And Vista Digital, empowering cinemas to deliver the best digital experiences with flexible, scalable, and seamlessly integrated sales channels. Vista Digital makes up one half of Vista Cloud but is also available as a hybrid solution, to run alongside Vista Classic operations. Leveraging decades of innovation, proven industry expertise, and the benefits of SaaS, these offerings streamline cinema operations, drive revenue growth, and enhance the moviegoing experience.

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Movio - Shaping the future of movie marketing

About Movio

Movio is the global leader in marketing data analytics and campaign management solutions for the cinema industry. With a global database of over 100 million moviegoers, 750 million behavioural and transactional records, and more than 5000 movie titles, Movio is the world's most comprehensive source of moviegoer data. Their solutions are designed specifically with the challenges of movie marketing in mind, with an aim to connect all moviegoers to their ideal movie so everyone can experience the magic of cinema.

Movio - connection moviegoers to their ideal movie
Maccs data driven solutions

Data-driven marketing solutions for the film industry

Movio’s investment in data science and machine learning has produced market-leading technologies that redefine the possibilities of movie marketing for exhibitors and studios. Movio empowers cinema marketers to drive measurable marketing success with Movio Cinema, an intelligent data analytics and campaign management solution that enables exhibitors to understand their moviegoers, unlock actionable audience insights and execute effortless campaigns. Movio Media, designed for film studio marketers, uses tools and insights that maximise box office revenue by leveraging the most comprehensive source of moviegoer data to plan your media investment and connect with the moviegoers most likely to see your film.

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Veezi - Cinema software for independents

About Veezi

Veezi is an effective cinema management solution especially tailored to independent exhibitors, used by hundreds of sites, across multiple countries. Engineered by Vista, the number one cinema software brand in the world, cloud-based solution Veezi carries with it the relevant industry experience and leverages the best of Vista’s innovation to meet the unique needs of small to medium-sized cinemas across the world – winning their hearts for more than 10 years.

Veezi - POS solutions for independents
Veezi cinema software solutions

Cinema solutions for independent thinkers

Veezi's cloud-based offering delivers all the benefits that smaller cinemas need while leaving out the things they don’t. Focusing on practical, easy-to-use products, the suite includes a fully-featured point of sale, film programming capabilities, real-time dashboards, as well as online ticketing, loyalty, kiosk, and many more optional modules. Veezi is fast and easy to set up and, being in the Cloud, it is available all the time from anywhere in the world.

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Numero - Box Office reporting

About Numero

Numero provides an aggregated box office reporting platform giving the film industry clean, fast, and effective information. Founded in 2014 by a couple of industry experts, Numero set out to deliver a new global standard for box office reporting. Through collection, collation, and reporting of theatrical box office results for the global film industry, Numero delivers up to the minute information. Numero collects box office results across more than 30 territories and provides services across Asia Pacific, Europe, Africa, North America, and Latin America.

About Numero
Numero - Up-to-the-minute Box Office reporting

Delivering up-to-the-minute box office results

Numero's platform offers key reporting across the film industry that serves studios, distributors, and exhibitors. Studios and distributors can quickly view near real-time results of  films' box office performances, while cinema circuits and independent theatres can view and analyse how their cinema is performing by film or geographic region using simple filtering options.

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Maccs - Redefining movie distribution

About Maccs

Maccs provides market leading software solutions that manage the distribution of movies to cinemas. Maccs started in 1995 with a vision to redefine film distribution for the global motion picture industry. The result was ground-breaking technology and they've been innovating and growing ever since. This expansion sees Maccs today employing more than 50 people across four offices, providing market-leading software solutions to over 90 distributors around the world with clients ranging from smaller independent distributors through to major global distributors.

About Maccs and Mica
Maccs Mica software

Redefining movie distribution

Maccs develops dynamic comprehensive solutions to increase clients' cost savings and develop and grow their businesses. Their offering includes Mica, an automated assistant for distribution management; MaccsCore, empowering distributors to better manage their entire movie life cycle; MaccsBox Distributor and MaccsBox Exhibitor, secure electronic data exchange platforms that streamlines data collection; and MaccsDCHub, enabling distributors to fully automate their logistical workflow. For Maccs, innovation is a by-product of their commitment to pursing the very best for their clients to ensure they are ready for the future and beyond.

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Flicks - Cinema and streaming guide

About Flicks

Flicks is a leading movie, cinema and streaming website and app operating in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom, reaching over 1.4 million unique visitors every month. Flicks connects people with great content and removes the pain point of managing an increasingly long list of movies and TV shows to watch. Flicks distils this diverse content landscape, allowing people to find something good to watch and where to watch it. The team is based in Vista Group's Auckland HQ, with a team in Australia and editorial contributors from around the world.

Flicks - Where to watch and how to watch it
Download the Flicks app

The leading movie, cinema, and streaming guide

Through rich editorial, Flicks highlights what movies and series are trending, and what's recommended (according to people, not algorithms). The "what to watch" decision is made easier for Flicks' visitors based on trailers, collections of critical reviews, and editorial content. Visitors can then find out where to watch (via cinema showtimes nearby and streaming links), then book tickets or watch the show.

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Powster - Digital Creative Studio

About Powster

Powster is an award-winning interactive creative studio and production company for over 150 movie distributors including all five major studios, streamers, broadcasters, brands and various major music labels globally. Powster's platform enables over eight million consumers a week to discover cinema showtimes on official movie websites. They develop creative and engaging content such as music videos, websites, interactive experiences, and more. Powster has headquarters in both Los Angeles and London.

Powster team photo
Powster's innovation

Innovate. Engage. Create.

Powster's industry-leading product offerings are built for scale, robustness and audience engagement. Their Movie Platform engages movie fans, drives sales and measures ad spend; Dynamic Ads level up online and outdoor ads with real-time showtimes; Trailered is a unique movie discovery site for brand tie-ups and promotional campaigns; and Creative & Labs captures and immerses digital audiences across all manner of platforms.

The global leader in delivering software and tech solutions to the film industry

Vista Group brands provide an innovative range of complementary products across the film industry, from production and distribution to cinema exhibition through to the experience of the moviegoer.