Oct 16, 2023

Expanding Weekend Insights with Dedicated UK Data Views

For several years, Movio has provided the industry with timely insights into moviegoer audience behaviour and demographics with Weekend Insights. With the latest updates to Weekend Insights expanding the data for this analysis with moviegoer frequency, film genre, and improvements to visualisation and filtering, Movio have also expanded these insights to new regions with a dedicated UK data view.

Weekend Insights is Movio’s weekly data analysis of what moviegoing audiences looked like for the top box office films of the weekend.

By examining moviegoer demographics and behaviour, such as gender, age, and frequency, both studios and exhibitors can gain an accurate understanding of their moviegoing audiences.

See Weekend Insights’ new UK data view in action here; updated every week to empower the entire industry with timely moviegoer analysis to better know what audiences films are resonating with.

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