Apr 28, 2020

Introducing The All-New Movio Research Console

Over the last 4 years, the Movio Research platform has empowered Hollywood’s leading studio distribution and marketing teams with the industry’s most comprehensive demographic, behavioral, and box office insights on U.S. moviegoing audiences.  

With a panel of 8 million active U.S. moviegoers and ticket purchase data for over 4,500 historical titles–both sourced directly from the nation’s leading cinema exhibitors, the Movio Research platform provides unrivalled theatrical audience insights from the moment tickets go on sale through to the film’s final showing.

Movio’s Data Science team has been hard at work developing an even more powerful platform, with increased functionality, enhanced flexibility, and new data points to help film studios plan for the future–starting right now.

What's New

Perhaps the most compelling new feature is benchmarking capability. Combined with an array of additional filters, this functionality allows users to compare two audiences side-by-side, cutting and dicing the data with few restrictions.

Now, analysts can benchmark the audience for a movie (or group of movies) to the audience for another movie, group of movies, a genre, or even to the average audience across all movies.

These features also enable comparison of a single movie’s audience against itself, with different filters applied. For example, one might compare the audience pre-release vs post-release, or male vs female, or even by population density such as urban vs rural.

We’re also excited to launch an estimate of the under 12 audience based on ticket type data, an increased ethnicity distribution panel, time-based benchmarking (pre-release, post-release, opening weekend, week 1, week 2+), and geographic distribution.


Planning Tomorrow, Today

Predicting future theatrical performance has always been a challenge, and now more so than ever. However, analyzing historical audience data can reveal how content and release timing affects theatrical attendance, both in terms of audience composition and moviegoing behavior. With these insights, studios will be better positioned to refine their plans for future releases.

Being efficient with your marketing spend will never be more important and Movio Research can help you prepare for a new way of movie marketing. Here are a few ways studios can underpin strategy with audience data from the Movio Research platform.

Marketing Planning

  • Model audiences for future releases
    Utilize Movio’s Similarity Algorithm for data-driven comp title selection to view audience composition for similar, previously-released movies.
  • Analyze potential release windows
    Consider the audience composition of similar, historical releases against audiences modeled for upcoming competitive titles.
  • Explore historical demographic and behavioral insights
    Inform the marketing and film-adjacent advertising strategy for future releases.

Media Optimization

  • Analyze audience evolution
    Study how a title’s audience composition evolves across the course of its run, informing who to target at which point in the release cycle and how to spread marketing budget.
  • Compare pre- and post-release audiences
    See which demographic and behavioral cohorts are likely to purchase pre-sales tickets, and for which types of content.
  • Benchmark audiences to title, titles, or genre
    Understand how content and release date impact the demographic, behavioral, and geographic characteristics of moviegoing audiences.

Creative Development Decisions

  • Model titles in development
    Estimate the appetite for titles pre-production by exploring the audience of previously released similar movies.

To learn more about Movio Research, or to request a demo of the new platform, please contact us here.

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