Aug 30, 2021

Megaplex Theatres Increase Member Engagement With Dynamic Content

Moviegoing audiences come in all shapes and sizes. They’re varied in tastes, demographics, behaviour, and opinions on popcorn, but they all have one thing in common: they want to see the perfect movie for them.

Exhibitors know inside and out just how much their audiences can change and develop, and US-based Megaplex Theatres are one that have taken that inherent challenge head on to connect with their moviegoers on a personal level every way they can.

Megaplex Theatres, who operate 15 theatres with a combined total of over 170 screens in Utah and Nevada, are avid users of Movio Cinema’s Dynamic Content capabilities to market movies to their audience on a one-to-one basis. Ryan Miner, VP of Digital Strategy at Megaplex Theatres, shared with us just how that partnership has enhanced their movie marketing.

Megaplex matches movie to moviegoer

Reaching vast moviegoing audiences on a personal scale is a big challenge, and while it can be simple to look at the biggest blockbusters of the day and try to maximise their appeal, broad and unspecific content feels like clutter to a lot of moviegoers.

Megaplex understands how important it is for a moviegoer to receive content that really speaks to them on an individual level. Their marketing team is dedicated to producing specific content and campaigns for their moviegoers, both loyal customers and new ones, and Movio’s Dynamic Content and Propensity Algorithm help power that effort.

“The relevancy capability that Movio provides has really helped us match the right movies with the right moviegoers. It’s a great marriage of technology and enthusiasm for the moviegoing experience.”

Dynamic Content allows Megaplex to create content based around all movies that are currently showing across their sites, with the Propensity Algorithm finding which moviegoers in their audience have a propensity to see which film. It means Megaplex can create incredible content that’s tailored to each person, providing results that deliver real value to the business.

Building an engaged loyalty program

“When I look at our high open rates, and the strong content our creative team produces, with great open and click-through rates, the numbers just speak for themselves.”

Megaplex have an incredibly engaged movie fanbase, and as Ryan noted, they’re seeing fantastic engagement not only from their existing loyalty members and members of their mega rewards program, but they are also seeing an uptick in new members as well. Increasing loyalty and engagement with their existing members is just as important as attracting those new audiences to join their loyalty program.

“Our partnership with Movio has been one of continued rewards. As we’ve experimented with different capabilities that the Movio platform provides, the successes have just continued to compound.”

Dynamic Content is key

Dynamic Content helps enable cinemas to connect each moviegoer with their ideal movie. Seeing the ways Megaplex uses the full capacity of Dynamic Content for their email campaigns really highlights how this feature can help build an engaged audience.

If you’d like to know more about Dynamic Content and how it could help enhance your email marketing strategy get in touch with us here.

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