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Jun 21, 2016

Understanding Millennial Moviegoers: A Data-Driven Playbook

Millennials aka Generation Y are one of the largest generations in American history. This is an important time as they move into their prime spending years making them particularly interesting to cinemas, studios and advertisers. Conventional thinking has been that this group is not as engaged with cinema as previous generations but is this actually true? As the largest aggregator of cinema loyalty data in the world our data science team have analyzed Millennials’ behavior to reveal insights that may surprise the cinema industry.

So are Millennials the future of movie-going? The below infographic highlights our key findings and answers questions like: How often do Millennials go to the theater? What genres do they prefer? And how much do they spend on box office concessions? More interestingly Millennials are in a transitional phase of their life, so do they exhibit consistent behavior as a group? It seems one size does not fit all. 

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