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Jan 12, 2024

Sound of Freedom’s Angel Studios selects Mica for film distribution

Auckland, New Zealand, 12th January 2024 – Angel Studios has selected Mica from Vista Group, the global leader in technology solutions for the film industry, as its new cloud-based film distribution platform.

“Mica is a trusted partner as we grow our footprint at Angel Studios,” said Brandon Purdie, Head of Theatrical for Angel Studios. “Their innovative system has enabled us to focus on building relationships and bringing stories to market that amplify light, knowing that our distribution process is in very capable hands.”

As a cloud-based film distribution solution, Mica is well-positioned to support Angel Studios across these territories and efficiently accommodate their geographically decentralised team. Leveraging the benefits of SaaS and decades of innovation from the MaccsCore legacy solution, Mica streamlines the entire distribution process, from planning and booking to invoicing and analytics.

This partnership was formed off the back of Angel Studios’ Sound of Freedom success. Onboarded weeks before Angel Studios’ follow-up release, After Death, this partnership was formed at an opportune time for both parties. After Death opened at over 2,600 venues, grossing over $7M in its first week, with all bookings and subsequent holdovers managed within Mica.

Along with migrating existing bookings from their previous system, Mica used existing integrations with Digital Cinema United and Deluxe via MaccsDCHub platform to handle seamless ordering of all Content and Keys. Electronic box office reporting, provided by MaccsBox for over 2000 venues, eliminated the need for any manual entry of Box Office information for bookings.

“We’re thrilled to welcome the Angel Studios team aboard our Mica platform,” says Simon Burton, Chief Film Officer at Vista Group.

“Our team continue to raise the bar with the features provided in Mica, illustrated by a company of Angel Studios’ scale joining our platform. Looking ahead, we’ll continue providing efficiencies to our customers as we integrate Mica with other platforms across Vista Group.”

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