Apr 12, 2023

Vista Cloud’s new, evolving Help Centre

With Vista Cloud, we have committed ourselves to constant innovation and improvement, seeking to empower cinema exhibitors with everything they need to provide the greatest cinema experience. The benefits of SaaS means we can provide ever-improving solutions for the future of cinema management. But we also know that with great software power, comes great responsibility.

Vista Cloud needed support to match. With continuous innovation and change, we knew a single source of information would be key to helping our customers, and so we have been hard at work creating the new, evolving Vista Cloud Help Centre.

What is the Vista Cloud Help Centre, and why should I use it?

The Vista Cloud Help Centre is a new information portal where our customers can learn about Vista’s products, see upcoming developments on Vista’s roadmap, and access training videos.

This new help centre is devoted to Vista Cloud and Vista Digital services, to provide the fastest, easiest-to-access information for our Cloud customers.

We know searching for one’s own answers is the preference for most users, especially those who are tech-savvy. The ability to troubleshoot and find your own solutions the moment that you need them is a huge benefit for our customers, and we’ve built the help centre to not only provide that smooth, efficient access to information, but to keep it in a single, always up-to-date location, with an ever-improving repository of help articles.

Why we created the Vista Cloud Help Centre

There are many differences between operations for SaaS and on-premise software, and that includes the support needs of our customers. We needed our customer support avenues to reinforce the needs of SaaS software and provide responsive, easy-to-find help and guidance.

Creating an entire new support service was a large project, but one we embraced wholeheartedly, and the benefits are well worth it. The new help centre provides some key advantages for both Vista and our customers:

  • Fast publishing: Because the Help Centre is article-based (instead of publication-based), we can update its content instantly. No waiting on a lengthy publication process to get information to our customers.
  • Discoverability: The Help Centre makes it easy to find the information you need. Got a specific question? The intuitive search function will find the right article. Looking to learn what Vista can do for your cinema? Flick through the sections on Finance, Food & Beverage, Inventory Management, and more.
  • Evolution and constant improvement: With the Help Centre’s analytics, Vista is more informed about our customers’ needs, and can constantly update, improve, and expand the relevant parts of the help centre.

Your roadmap to the future

In addition to the help centre providing our customers with the tools to find support, we also have a built-in roadmap for Vista Cloud and Vista Digital’s upcoming features and developments. Customers can learn about upcoming developments in advance, so they can prepare for new features and upgrades.

We have also built in the capacity to follow items on the roadmap, so you can be notified as soon as more information becomes available.

Where to find the Vista Cloud Help Centre

The Vista Cloud Help Centre is designed to be an evolving information portal that will grow and develop with additional content over time. It is a rich resource for troubleshooting solutions and finding the newest information quickly and easily. To see the new Help Centre for yourself, head to

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