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Feb 16, 2022

Vista Group acquires US theatre management business, Retriever Solutions

Auckland, New Zealand, 16th February 2022 – Vista Group International has announced the acquisition of US entertainment software company Retriever Solutions, demonstrating strong belief in the cinema market following pandemic-related disruption.

Under the deal, Vista Cinema will acquire all Retriever’s software, IP and customers, with an offer of employment to all current employees. Employees will continue to work from Retriever’s existing premises in Owosso, MI and Denver, CO.

This transaction will see Vista Cinema add over 100 new customers further strengthening its market share in the US and cementing its position as the leading cinema software provider in that market.

“This was an irresistible opportunity to work with a talented team who produce great cinema management software and have built a loyal customer base. People can’t wait to get back to the cinema after the challenges of the past two years and we believe the industry has a really strong future. By joining forces with Retriever, we’re in an even better position to deliver on that potential as the world’s leading software company serving the cinema industry,” said Vista Group CEO, Kimbal Riley.

All Retriever’s software will continue to be supported, including its web services, signage, back office, multi-site management, film rental and point-of-sale solutions.

“After the acquisition it will still be business as usual for Retriever’s customers. I’m confident Vista Cinema will provide a welcoming new home for our team and I’m looking forward to seeing them innovate on behalf of Retriever’s wonderful customers,” said Ed Kearney, CEO of Retriever Solutions.  

Through the acquisition, Retriever customers will get a closer look at the benefits of Vista Cinema’s core cloud products, Vista Cloud and Veezi. This will enable industry players around the world to have faster access to the ongoing stream of innovation Vista has invested in its new cloud delivery model.

Vista Cinema CEO, Leon Newnham, said the business’s continued growth demonstrates that the appetite for cloud technology from customers, alongside audiences’ ongoing love of the cinema, are creating the perfect environment.

“There’s nothing quite like going to see a movie where they are meant to be seen – in the theatre, having the whole experience amplified by rows of people around you laughing and reacting at the same time – people have missed that. When technology also helps deliver a seamless experience for customers, it makes them want to come back again, and that’s when the industry really grows. We’re constantly innovating and evolving our technology, that’s why we launched Vista Cloud to the market last year to sit alongside our other products like Veezi. Now we’re excited to bring on a great team of people at Retriever who share our passion for cinema and innovation, and work with amazing new exhibitors to give audiences even better experiences in future,” he said.

About Vista Group International:

VistaGroup International Ltd (Vista Group) is a public company, founded in NewZealand in 1996 and listed on both the New Zealand and Australian stock exchanges in 2014 (NZX & ASX: VGL). The Group provides software and additional technology solutions across the global film industry. Cinema management software is provided by Vista Entertainment Solutions (‘VistaCinema’), the originating business of the Group. Movio (authority in moviegoer data analytics), Veezi (cloud-based software for the independent cinema market), Maccs (film distribution software), Numero (box office reporting software for film distributors and cinemas), Powster (creative studio and marketing platform for movie studios) and Flicks (moviegoer ‘go to’ portal for movie information) provide an innovative range of complementary products across additional film industry sectors, from production and distribution, to cinema exhibition through to the experience of the moviegoer. Vista Group has offices located in New Zealand (Auckland HQ), Sydney, Cape Town, London, Amsterdam,Groningen, Timișoara, Shanghai, Beijing, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.

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