Mar 18, 2024

Vista Group's commitment to Client Success

At Vista Group, our passion lies in empowering our clients to thrive, regardless of how they choose to utilise our solutions. We recently had the privilege of celebrating alongside our valued exhibition clients at the Vista Group Conference, where we reaffirmed our commitment to their success.

The conference was an opportunity for us to articulate where we are going as we invest and build cinema-centric solutions, to outline how our existing and new clients could adopt and leverage the latest innovations, and to highlight the benefits of adopting Vista Group solutions.

The Cloud: A Pathway to Transformation

As technology evolves, so do the needs of our clients. We believe the future lies in Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions. Cloud SaaS-based solutions offer unparalleled advantages through operational efficiency, security, and increased access to timely innovation. In addition, cloud-based software liberates exhibitors and cinema circuit operators from managing the complexities and expenses of on-premise infrastructure management, business continuity, and cyber security complexity.

We recognise that cloud adoption is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Adoption decisions are driven by business priorities and our cloud adoption approach encourages accelerated adoption while facilitating our clients’ unique business drivers.

Our Tailored Cloud Adoption Approach

The Vista Cloud adoption strategy is designed with flexibility in mind. For existing cinema exhibition clients, this enables the potential for a hybrid model as transition occurs from our on-premise Vista Classic solution. This approach allows exhibitors to transition at their own path and pace, guided by their specific drivers. Whether it’s optimizing operational costs, enhancing digital experiences, or boosting visitation and spend, their journey can be adapted to meet their priorities.

Several of the Vista Group clients who have committed to the Cloud journey over the past six months include: Flix Brewhouse, Galaxy Theatres, Pathé, Major Cineplex, and Cinépolis.

Insights That Drive Excellence

With real-time business insights, our clients can glean valuable information to improve engagement, personalize interactions, and elevate the overall guest experience. In our relentless pursuit of innovation, we continuously enhance our solutions. Our latest enhancement to Oneview, released mid-March, introduces member insights, a powerful tool for cinema executives to monitor the performance of their loyalty programs in addition to their box office performance. It’s about more than just data—it’s about actionable insights that drive excellence for our clients.

Open Integration: A Collaborative Future

We’re not stopping there. Vista Group is committed to building strong partnerships with leading providers in our vertical. An example of this is our recently announced partnership with The Boxoffice Company; providing Vista Cloud clients with greater flexibility and sales channel options through access to The Boxoffice Company’s Boost solutions.

Our focus on APIs and open integration ensures seamless connectivity across systems. By fostering collaboration, we empower our clients to create holistic solutions that transcend boundaries and support their unique requirements. Together, we’re shaping the future of guest experiences, revenue growth, and operational efficiency.

Our journey is intertwined with our clients’. We celebrate their successes, learn from their challenges, and innovate alongside them. As we look ahead, we’re excited about the possibilities—the cloud, the insights, and the collaborative spirit—that will propel us forward.

It’s time for cinema to rise.

Written by

Stuart Dickinson

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