Oct 17, 2017

Web Tracker: Uncovering Powerful Member Insights With Movio Cinema

Tracking a member’s interaction with your website provides a lot of insight over and above transactional behavior and Movio Cinema’s latest extension module, Web Tracker, empowers you to do so. From watched trailers to aborted ticket purchases and beyond, the feature empowers movie marketers to identify member opinions, intentions and propensities and then re-target specific information to those individual members based on the data.

If marketers are able to identify what their members are doing during web visits, communications can be better targeted and therefore result in higher ROI. Web Tracker allows for a range of standard and customizable web interactions, providing you with the tools to define specific information based on your movie marketing requirements. Custom web interactions are flexible and can be created to complement marketing efforts or as a specific, stand-alone campaign.

Benefits of Tracking Online Behavior

Increasing engagement is the key objective for any marketing campaign, and all marketers understand that personalization is an excellent way to achieve this. Optimizing personalization is simple - and inevitable - when you use moviegoer data gathered by Web Tracker. It’s no longer a guessing game to uncover what movies and events your members are interested in! The new Movio Cinema module allows users to:

  • Gain insights - Supplement transactional and demographic data with opinion and intent-based insights
  • Improve personalization - Deliver personalized movie recommendations based on content engagement on your website
  • Easily integrate - The new web API allows for quicker and easier implementation, and unlocks the latest client-defined functionality

You have probably received retailers’ retargeting campaigns in your own inbox, attempting to lure you back to abandoned shopping carts. Web Tracker has the same capabilities, allowing marketers to understand member preferences to better target and communicate Movio Cinema campaigns.

Tracking member interactions can provide insights that allow you to:

  • Drive user engagement - Incentivize members to frequently log-on to your website
  • Enrich marketing campaigns - Notify moviegoers when tickets for their watchlisted movies go on sale
  • Send targeted content - Remind moviegoers who watched certain trailers to buy tickets to those screenings
  • Maximize purchase completion - Encourage return-to-purchase for those guests with abandoned online ticket purchases
  • Understand online traffic origin - Identify those business partners who best support your marketing efforts
Web Tracker Inbox

New And Improved

The Web Tracker extension module is an enhanced version of Movio Cinema’s Web API. Alongside the standard web interactions that proved to be key for our industry, the new and improved module also allows users to track online interactions that are specifically important to their marketing strategies. No more one-size-fits-all!

Movio Cinema users can now enjoy tracking interactions including:

  • Member Login - A user logged into the website
  • Movie Page Visit - A user visited a movie’s detail page for a specific amount of time
  • Movie Rating - A user rated a movie
  • Movie Trailer - A user watched a movie trailer
  • Movie Watchlist - A user added or removed a movie to or from their watchlist
  • Aborted Ticket Purchase - A user aborted a ticket purchase for a specific movie

As mentioned above, custom activities can be also be tracked to gather data about members, relevant to a user’s specific requirements. These may include:

  • Online Search - A user searched the website using a specific word or phrase
  • Content Access - A user clicked on a specified ad banner
  • Showtime Selection - A user selected session details across different locations

Along with the added bonus of customization, Web Tracker allows for a simplified technical implementation and improved accessibility. The new JavaScript framework can be embedded on your website, and handles the authentication and API calls “under the hood” - so you don’t need to worry about details. For integration, all that is required is the addition of a JavaScript snippet to those pages you wish to track user interaction, setting member identity information and submitting the data triggered by the individual functions when a user performed an activity you wish to track, e.g. if a user watched a trailer.

In Summary

Understanding the interactions your members have with your website is key to improving and optimizing guest engagement and experience, as well as ensuring content they are targeted with is relevant and interesting. Web Tracker provides marketers with the tools to identify members through their web engagement and build pertinent campaigns in response.

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