Feb 25, 2020

Movio Research Looks To The Past To Predict The Future

To speak to the future of Movio Research feels rather appropriate, given how Movio Research products and services are designed precisely to help our exhibitor and studio clients better predict and prepare for the future.

With data science teams based in Los Angeles, London, and Auckland, Movio dedicated enormous effort in 2019 to fine-tuning our Research solutions to each region’s unique needs while also expanding our Research capabilities and product offerings to provide studio clients with never-before-seen audience insights.

Movio’s Chief Data Scientist Dr. Bryan Smith explains, "We’re in the final stretch of some hygienic data engineering projects that will allow us to more quickly deliver richer reports and dashboards to both our internal and external stakeholders. This will also provide our team with more time to work on developing techniques to generate new and more interesting behavioral insights about moviegoers and audiences.”

With 2020 now well underway, we’re excited to lift the curtain on our latest developments and to hint at what else is Coming Soon for Movio Research in 2020.

Shedding light on pre-sales

Beginning in late 2019, Movio began unveiling Pre-Sales Audience Reports, providing studio clients with an unprecedented view of the demographic and behavioral characteristics of those moviegoers purchasing tickets up to six weeks prior to a film’s release.

We’ve further expanded our pre-sales audience reporting capabilities to allow studios to see how their pre-sales audience compares to other titles currently on sale (both pre-sales and in-season) and to benchmark their pre-sales audiences against those of previously released, similar titles.

It’s an excellent tool for studios to understand how their messaging is (or is not) connecting—and with whom. With these insights available from the moment tickets go on sale, Movio’s Pre-Sales Audience Reports are helping studio marketers polish or even revamp their marketing strategy all the way to a film’s opening weekend.

Slice and dice data how you like

For many of Movio’s studio clients, the self-serve Research Console is an indispensable tool for everything from greenlighting decisions to media planning to in-season competitive analysis.

This being Hollywood, Movio’s powerful self-serve Research Console is getting a facelift later this year. That said, paradoxically, the console is one of those things that gets better with age.

The all-new interface will give our Research Console users more flexibility in how they dig into data. It will include more data points, such as geographic distribution, ticket purchase behavior (pre/post-release), part of release cycle (opening week vs weeks 1+), and an expanded panel of over 3 million moviegoers with ethnicity data, and there will be additional filters across a variety of behavioral and demographic variables. Most significantly, it will allow for the direct comparison of two different audiences, allowing the user to easily benchmark an audience (or filtered audience) against another film, genre, or set of filters. This will enable users to instantly identify the distinguishing features of a given audience, streamlining the analysis process and leading to more and better insights.

British invasion

In 2020, Movio Research will be expanding its offerings in the U.K. market with reporting, analysis, and insights specific to U.K. moviegoers. In late 2019, we began offering a weekly audience evolution report, which provides weekly snapshots of the audience for a particular film, and compares them against the weekly audience composition of both historical comp titles and competing in-market films. We plan to expand the scope and availability of these reports this year.

Additionally, check back soon to subscribe to the U.K. version of our free Weekend Insights, ranking weekend performance of in-season titles for each gender/age group!

Insights for all!

Movio has several exciting new research projects underway in 2020 (including a follow-up to Movio’s 2019’s Diversity White Paper), alongside some innovative organizations we’re thrilled to be collaborating with.

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