Dec 4, 2019

Designing A Movio Social Experience

Visual imagery has an undeniable power to grab attention and increase engagement, so when we were considering how we could take our new Movio branding to the next level, one of the outcomes was the creation of our digitally homed brand guideline. Another was the development of both an Instagram and Dribbble page.

Designing for Social

We first had to consider that as a brand we already have two established digital platforms; Twitter and LinkedIn, and adding more meant determining what purpose these new channels would serve and how they could showcase other unique elements of our brand that were different from what our audience was already seeing.

We decided to focus on our employment brand, with Instagram showcasing our staff, environment and office culture across our global locations, and Dribbble to let our designers showcase their work and increase their presence in the design world. Our other key goal was to deepen our connection to both movies and moviegoing culture.

Introducing Instagram

Instagram is a great marketing tool that’s fueled by design which is why this felt like the perfect channel for our marketing and design teams to come together. Because Instagram is such a personal channel, our primary consideration was understanding the type of content we engaged with within our own time, and then how we could introduce our own brand into it.

While the focus of our Instagram is our employment brand, Instagram is a new platform for Movio. Using our brand elements felt like the right way to introduce ourselves and begin our journey. Storytelling is such an important part of social media as it encourages engagement from viewers which in turn forms the building blocks of a relationship between brand and audience. Using our brand elements helped set this foundation for our story.

In a brand that is primarily black and white, the use of colour needs to have a purpose. Our vibrant moviegoers are not only attention-grabbing and relatable, they capture the diversity in moviegoing audiences. From children captivated by animations to our horror-loving Millennial females, we’ve got a face to represent genres and they are introduced throughout the feed.

Our Movio Display typeface is best used minimally and we’re using it throughout our engagement posts on Instagram. Engagement is crucial to having an Instagram presence. Conversation starters, clever captions and contests/giveaways will be a great way to build our following. We want to encourage staff to share their thoughts and opinions and create a platform where we can get to know one another better. With offices globally, this is a great way for all offices to come together.

As we continue to build our Instagram presence, consistency will be key. Designing for Instagram is unique in that you have to consider individual posts while considering the overall feed. Individual posts need to catch the attention of our current followers during their day-to-day scrolling time and the overall feed has to appeal to first-time visitors. This is where we have the opportunity to break the grid and use our brand in a more playful and experimental way.


Introducing Dribbble

We have great design talent at Movio, but until recently we hadn’t been sharing the work our designers do every day with the outside world. In order to raise our brand’s voice and create a presence in the design community, we wanted to start putting our work out there more.

A big part of staying inspired is having a sense of achievement, and there’s something quite satisfying about being able to look back on all the cool work you have done in the past. For our team, Dribbble is about keeping our designers motivated to deliver great-looking work and inspired to discover new ways to design greater work. We also believe that sharing our content with a wider audience can attract more talent when in the future, we are looking to expand our design teams.

Our content on Dribbble mostly focuses on UI and UX design. The work we put up revolves around animated UI elements and workflows, movie related illustration and some fun Movio swag, elements that we wouldn’t usually show off on other platforms.

So far our Dribbble project has brought our designers from different disciplines more closely together and helped them get inspired by each other’s endeavors. Creating a win-win situation for both the designers and Movio.

What the future looks like

One of the many benefits of having these new platforms up and running is that they both highlight sides of Movio that previously haven’t been shown in such a creative way. They are also bringing together our global offices and employees in a new experimental and collaborative way.  

We’re so excited to have been able to be a part of the launch Instagram and Dribbble and we can’t wait to see how they develop and evolve.

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