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May 19, 2015

Movio Experts Garner Rave Reviews From Goodrich Quality Theaters

In 1930, Michigan-based Goodrich Quality Theaters started with a single screen in downtown Grand Rapids. Since then it has grown to become a significant Midwest exhibitor, always growing, changing, and innovating with the industry. Today, Goodrich operates 30 theaters (including four with IMAX) with 273 screens in cities throughout Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Missouri; all are equipped with 3-D Cinema.

As part of its ongoing effort to improve operations, Goodrich recently incorporated Movio Cinema with its Vista Cinema point of sale (POS) system, a decision prompted in part by a desire to evolve its longstanding loyalty program, the Frequent Moviegoer (FMG) Club.

Matthew Liebmann

That’s where the Movio Experts were able to help with Matthew Liebmann, Senior Vice President, North America at Movio, partnering with Goodrich on the project.

Two key decisions were made: implement Movio Cinema, and retain Movio Experts; a strategic service that leverages Movio’s executive expertise to help theaters get optimum results from Movio Cinema and their loyalty programs. “We had started the process of changing the FMG program, which was based on a point per ticket purchase. As that process moved further along we decided to use Movio Cinema and retain Movio Experts to help us strategize the change,” says Kelly Nash, marketing and creative director at Goodrich.

Using Movio Cinema’s Analytics, Goodrich evaluated its loyalty program members across four segments:

  • High frequency/high spend
  • Low frequency/low spend
  • High frequency/low spend
  • Low frequency/high spend

and their financial contribution to Goodrich.

Once the analysis was completed and the program redesigned, Liebmann conducted an online survey to existing members to validate the findings.  “Matthew’s survey obtained insights into what members regarded as the most favorable benefits of the existing program, what could be improved, what changes members would like to see made, and more,” says Nash. The analysis from Movio Experts has resulted in:

  • Redesigning the FMG  loyalty program, with new features, benefits and business rules which were considered financially, operationally and via a member survey
  • Establishing a set of leading and lagging key performance indicators
  • Providing recommendations for one-off and recurring campaigns
  • Creating a schedule of priorities for implementation

Read the full case study by downloading it below.

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