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Mar 24, 2017

Showcase Cinemas Targets Better Loyalty Performance

In 2014, Showcase Cinemas made the decision to add Movio Cinema and Movio Experts Strategic Services to better leverage Aloha Loyalty and improve the performance of its loyalty program, Starpass. Since October of that year, Showcase Cinemas have operated Starpass with Movio Cinema. It currently has over 230,000 active members, each of whom has transacted in the past 12 months, with over 1.2 million member records in Movio Cinema.

“We launched with Movio late in 2014, but even leading up to that point we had multiple meetings with Movio and other solution providers involved in our loyalty program,” says Stephen Macropoulos, Customer Relations Marketing Manager at Showcase Cinemas. “Given the fact that Starpass is data-driven, the importance of having accurate information is paramount and we wanted to make sure everything was moving correctly from one system to the other, so we had a number of sessions to make sure this was happening.”

According to Macropoulos, Showcase Cinemas had a very focused team at the head office, but it wasn’t a very large team, and as the loyalty program evolved they had to wear multiple hats. “Now that we’ve partnered with Operational Services we can talk to our loyalty members once a week in a way we never could before.” It’s not only communicating with greater frequency, but with greater effectiveness. “We now have a ‘touchpoint’ with our members that previously wasn’t attainable,” says Malinowski.

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